Welcome to Stopstigma!
This website has been in existence since 2004. It will give you well-arranged summary information on mental health issues and their possible treatment.

You can ask our experts anonymously via the internet in the unique Stopstigma counselling centre. We extended our counselling services in summer 2015, and it is now possible to put questions to a psychiatrist, psychologist, and social worker, as well as our peer specialists with their own lived experience of mental illness.

We also offer stories of people who were willing to share their first-hand experience of mental health issues.
You can find here useful links to mental health services, and websites directed at mental health stigma reduction.

We aim to change attitudes among general public, professionals and even people with mental illnesses. In line with the principles of Recovery, we want to spread expert information, bring about hope and fight prejudice associated with mental disease. Our team comprises various professionals including peer experts.

All texts are in Czech only.